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Wheelwrights traveler for measuring the circumference of a carriage wheel

Wheelwrights traveler

The Wheelwrights traveler, as it is called, measured around the…

Door wedge intruder alarm

This is a door wedge intruder alarm and despite looking simple…

Climax Cigarette rolling machine

The Climax Cigarette rolling machine was used for hand rolling…
A Porringer is was used to serve soups, stews and similar dishes.


This little dish is called a Porringer and was originally used…
Escargot pan for cooking and serving snails

Escargot pan

This is an Escargot pan but did you think that this was used…
A Nutbrown pastry cutter for cutting circles from a sheet of pastry

Nutbrown pastry cutter

This is a Nutbrown pastry cutter, sometimes called a biscuit…
cabbage or vegetable masher

Cabbage vegetable masher

Rare Cabbage vegetable masher, a wooden kitchen implement dating…
Gibson medicine spoon used to administer unpleasant tasting medicines beyond the taste buds in the mouth

Gibson Medicine Spoon

This is what is known as a Gibson medicine spoon invented by…
Used for marking timber

Timber Scribe

This is called a Timber Scribe, a Timber Race knife, or sometimes…
Portable leech jar used to take leeches home for personal treatment

Portable Leech Jar

This is a portable leech jar. As you can see it is a little jar…
Plasterers twitch used to plaster rounded corners

Plasterers Twitch

Plasterers twitch is the slang name for a plastering tool used…
Bunion Stretcher

Bunion Stretcher

This is called a bunion stretcher, have you ever had a bunion?…
Mail bag opener , used in a post office sorting office to cut the string holding the mail bag closed

Mail bag opener

This is a mail bag opener. It is approximately 19cm (7 ½ inches)…
Bottle opener for Codd bottles

Codd Bottle Opener

A Codd bottle opener, made of wood and little more than 1 ½…
Ink erasers and quill pen sharpener, early implements used in the 1800s

Ink Erasers

These are ink erasers and quill pen sharpeners they were used…
Rapid Sicer made in Germany during 50s and 60s

Rapid Slicer

This a called the Rapid Slicer and it really is a strange looking…