Don Balkwill invited back to the Roy Noble show on BBC Radio Wales.

You may remember that back in January Don was invited onto the Roy Noble show to talk about his collection of unusual objects and gadgets and the launch of his latest book “101 Forgotten Gadgets”. Well his performance was so well received that he has been invited to appear on the show again on Sunday 15th May

This time, he will be talking about the book, its content, and the talks/quizzes he gives to organisations across South Wales. He will also be taking along another selection of unusual and obscure objects with which to baffle Roy and his audience (Although that is quite difficult to do over the radio).

The Roy Noble show is on BBC Radio Wales 882 AM (medium wave) or between 95.1 to 103.9 on FM or online every Sunday from 9.31 a.m.

You can listen to Roy’s previous shows on Podcast here